The folllowing are the different types of diamond/stone settings used in all of DiamondGarden’s jewellery products:

Pave Setting

Diamonds are known for their shimmery brilliance, for their captivating, star-like shine. The pavé setting is meant to fully capture this brilliance, setting numerous diamonds close together to create glittering path of sparkling light. Pavé means paved in French, and this setting is paved with diamonds.

Prong Setting

Narrow strips of metal elegantly cradle your diamond, elevating it to encourage optimal radiance as it catches the light.

Common Prong

The gemstones in this setting share prongs to create a stunning line of shine.

Bezel Setting

A bezel setting circles the gem’s girdle to hold it in place, keeping the gem safe and secure. This setting is known for its stunning design and wonderfully unique appearance.

Channel Setting

Featuring a modern, elegant sleekness, the channel settings incorporate accent gemstones to add an additional element of glamour. The channel is formed by two strips of metal in which your accents will be placed, making for a truly captivating ring.

DiamondGarden makes sure that all the diamonds set in any piece is perfectly strong and sturdy. Our setters are the best in the industry and work under top quality factories using best tools and equipments.