Privacy Policy

Last updated June 26, 2018

Welcome to DiamondGarden.

Here, we value your privacy and the trust that you place in us. Our customers are our priority, and we want your experience to be an entirely valuable and fulfilling one. When you use our website or share your information with us, you accept our privacy policy, which is outlined below. We ensure your privacy and we maintain the highest standards of security. We want to make sure that your information and financial transactions are protected. Personal Information can be defined as could be sued to identify, locate, or contact a person.

Personal Information Collected

By consenting to this privacy policy, you authorize DiamondGarden to collect, use, and story any information that you provide to us through our Website. We collect the following information:

  • Any information that you enter on our website, including your name, address, phone number, email ID, etc. It can also include any other information sent to us from you through email.
  • Information collected through cookies.
  • Information such as the web browser and operating system used to access our website, date, time and place of accessing of our website, the IP Address of your computer, the server from which you are accessing our website, etc.

Browsing our website requries no form of registration. There are activities, however, that will require that you register. This is restricted to activities through which personal information is necessary, such as placing an order.

There will be times when you may decide to provide us with your personal information. When this is the case, we receive and store all information that is provided. This includes information that you provide through all means, including (but not limited to) telephone conversations, email, and social media. We may also collect information about the following: your purchases, billing and shipping addresses and information, gender, occupation, marital status, and date of birth. We may also store information about those to whom you send any gifts or product information as outlined in this prviacy policy.


A cookie is a file made up of letters and numbers that we store on your browser in order to recognzie a specific user. We use cookies in an effort to improve your experience. This allows us to prove the services our customers most need and want.

Cookies allow us to do the following:

  • Gather and maintain information about your order
  • Repsond to any questions or comments that you may have
  • Prevent and detect fraudulant activity
  • Improve our services and offerings
  • Personalize content, offerings, and advertising
  • Gain knowledge about out audience size, preferences, interests, and behavior

Children under 13

DiamondGarden will not collect pesonal information from children under the age of 13 with our knowledge. If it is brought to out attention that we have colelcted informaiton from a child of this age, we will delete the chiild’s data from our system immediately,

How to Contact Us

It does not require registration to simply browse our website; however, to particpate in activities such as the purchase of a product, the user will need to register with out site. The user only needs to register once, and will use this informaito to login for future transactions. For registration, the user’s name, along with other personal information, will be required.


DiamondGarden reserves the right to block or to prevent future access to our site upon our discretion.