Shipping Policy

DiamondGarden is proud to offer FREE shipping on all of our orders within India, with each and every item fully insured using only the most sophisticated courier companies. We take pride in our products and understand its value. From the moment it leaves our hands and goes towards yours, it is fully insured.

Because some of our items are made to order and customized towards your personal taste, the shipping time does vary. For our products that we have available when you order, the process will take only 24-48 hours. For our made to order pieces, the entire process may take up to 10 days. We will provide you with a shipping confirmation andtracking number once your product goes out.

While we typically we ship with Blue Dart or Speed Post, we can choose to use another sophisticated company at our discretion to best benefit you.

Signature Requirements/Cellphone confirmations/ID checking For Delivery

For your protection, we require signatures on all orders that cost more than INR 5,000. We also require a cell phone number confirmation and a government issued ID check at the time of delivery.

If the person collecting the product is not you, we will require a government issued ID check. The following are acceptable forms of identification:

  • Aadhar Card (should be issued in the name of the Member / recipient in the case of a gift);
  • Driver’s License
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) card
  • Passport.

It is only after the ID has been verified and confirmed that the delivery will be made. The protection of your product is our priority!

We urge you to check the package for any damage or tampering before collecting. In the event that tampering, theft, or damage has occurred, we ask that you not collect the package.

If, for any reason, you are not available upon the first attempted delivery, the courier company will try again for a total of three times. After the third failed attempt, the product will be returned to DiamondGarden.

Delivery guarantee is subject to terms and conditions of the courier company. Any inconsistency in name or address will result in non-delivery of the product.


We understand that our DiamondGarden, lab-made diamonds can provide an unforgettable surprise. If the person receiving the product is getting it as a gift, we still require the person collecting the product to provide an acceptable form if identification. It is mandatory, due to the courier’s regulations, that the price of the product is visible. If you wish to receive the invoice yourself, you can request one at the time of the order and another will be shipped to you.

Packaging/Gift Packaging

We understand that the packaging of the product is also important. An item as stunning and elegant as one of our DiamondGarden pieces should be graced with packaging that is also aesthetically pleasing and of a high quality. We want your order to be perfect, and perfect for the occasion.

If your purchase is a gift, we offer free gift packaging and can send along a customizable message to go along with the product. Simply type your desired message in the Gift Message Text Box at the time of order. We will print the item on a distinctive and beautiful card to be delivered along with the gift.

International Delivery

DiamondGarden does not ship internationally at the moment but we will start our start our online operations in the US, EU and UK in the next few months.